Whitepaper: Data for Business Leaders

Experience client 2 - Whitepaper: Data for Business Leaders

Whitepaper: Data for Business Leaders

In partnership with Meteors, a leader in intelligent data management B.D.C. presents its white paper “Data for Business Leaders”.

Data: the “new oil” for companies

Data is the black gold of the 21st century and is a crucial challenge for all companies. Beyond its collection, it is the exploitation of data, as well as its transformation into information, that makes it useful in society.

This exploitation is based on 5 pillars of equal importance:

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Five words that form the word “MAGIC”. These five letters are far from illusionism, in fact, it is from the Greek origin of magic that we can link these five letters: magos, a man who has powers. Data gives powers to those who transform it into information, which is the subject of this Whitepaper.

Each chapter is dedicated to each letter and is completed by an expert interview. Through this white paper, we will approach the challenges of data, in order to ensure that the subject will not remain an expert subject, but will be comprehensible to a large number of people, and to executives in particular.

Nowadays, algorithms are more and more powerful, ethical questions will complete the reflections around the respect of private life and the qualitative aspect of data in the world of “New Retail”.

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