NRF 2016 trends (1/4): Mobile First if not Mobile Only

Mobile is a major driver of omnichannel’s push towards seamless consumer experiences.

This is not a strategy anymore, it has become obvious, and a priority for all. The average time spent on mobile has now overpassed time spent watching television. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (GAFAs) have set mobile as a priority in their R&D development, and today, 78% of Facebook’s revenues are made through mobile revenues. In 2015 mobile sales grew to account for more than 25% of Argos’ total sales.

Providers like Bluefox are specialized in detecting the client’s location and enable users to analyse every mobile from their Mac address. Beacon technologies have made in-store detection possible through broadcast push notifications on the mobile client that is in store. 

Also, the customer claims an on-demand marketing enabled by technologies like Tapcentive, provider that connects the digital and physical retail worlds through mobile in-location led technologies and communications

Beyond detection, mobile helps retailer to provide a more personalized experience, and facilitates the purchase through personalized content (push promoting etc…) .

The other trends:

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Clienteling and enhancement of the POS (Point of Sale (3/4)

The rise of Augmented Reality : “Seeing is believing” (4/4)


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