10 B.D.C.’s projects achieved in 2017

Trends News 1 1 - 10 B.D.C.'s projects achieved in 2017

10 B.D.C.’s projects achieved in 2017

Since the beginning of 2017, our team of experts in retail and digital has supported retailers and startups to develop their businesses. Have a look at 10 key projects we achieved.


  1. Study on AI for a major French distributor (top10): state of the science and recommendations on AI’s leadership in their sector of activity.
  2. Study on Social Connect for a major French distributor (top10): what risks and opportunities for the platforms and brands among its group.
  3. Marketplace strategy for 4 brands (ready to wear and home).
  4. Learning Expeditions in London, Shanghai, Barcelona, ​​Paris and New York for several key retailers focusing on digital transformation.
  5. Study of digital opportunities for a large luxury brand: which distribution platforms and which technologies to better communicate and sell.
  6. Benchmark for a fast-growing French retailer despite strong competition with Amazon.
  7. Reinventing the customer experience of a major international brand using the co-design method
  8. Coaching of several leaders: making the right decisions to better drive the digital acceleration of brands & teams.
  9. Due diligence for a fund wishing to acquire a British brand with high growth potential.
  10. Business development and lead generation for start-ups expanding their business to the UK.



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If you want further details on how we support retailers and startups in their development, growth and transformation, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bd-consultants.com.



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