What we learnt from the IMRG eCommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit event

B.D.C was at the Ecommerce Worldwide Cross-Border Summit at the ILEC in London last Thursday. The main subjects discussed were related to localisation & globalisation, customer behaviour differences between regions, payment methods, and risks & management of cross borders entries.

Here are 10 figures we learnt:

  • The 1st cause for an international customer not buying from a website is the uncertainty about returns – Returns are as important as deliveries.
  • UK is the 1st European country for m-commerce in front of Germany and France.
  • 80% of online sales in China are made through marketplaces while 70% of online sales in US are made through the brand site.
  • Forecast for online retail growth are huge worldwide (10% in UK, 13% in Germany, 20% in China between 2013 and 2017).
  • More than 50% of consumers shopping on UK websites are international.
  • The biggest trade route in the world is between US and UK (27,8 M£).
  • 77% of UK shoppers see free delivery as important.
  • UK is the 2nd most popular country online with 37% of global shoppers looking to find UK goods online (45% for US).
  • There are 6 million new internet users in China each month.
  • 98% of Swedish choose to collect from a pick-up/drop off point rather than delivery at home – In other words: you have to adapt to the country where you sell as expectations vary.

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