US Ecommerce & Retail Highlights – November 2018

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US Ecommerce & Retail Highlights – November 2018

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Facebook is partnering with Macy’s to bring a selection of brands that are sold on Facebook and Instagram to its stores, in the Market@Macy’s areas (open one year ago to promote lesser-known brands in the department store). Open until February 2019, these will host 9 Facebook pop-up stores throughout the U.S., promoting 150 small “most-loved” brands on social networks.

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Stepping into the physical world, Facebook has seized the opportunity to broaden its retail strategy. Meanwhile, this partnership allows Macy’s to use more wisely its excess retail estate. Indeed, as more retail sales move online, Macy’s objective was to cut back on its inventory.


Exclusively available for the U.S. mobile shoppers of the Amazon’s iOS and Android apps, the “AR View” feature allows users to visualize thousands of Amazon products (from a selection of product categories including top picks, electronics, living room, kitchen and tables) from all angles in their home space before buying them. They can even explore things in 360-degrees using just one finger, but also resize a product to find the perfect fit.
amazon ar view - US Ecommerce & Retail Highlights - November 2018
Amazon is also enabling visual search to help customers quickly find items they want by pointing the in-app camera at the item or a barcode.


The move comes as research by Walker Sands for Salesforce suggests that mobile will deliver 68% of all ecommerce traffic this holiday season, an all-time high, which reflects a 19% year-over-year growth.



After a first standalone Nutella Cafe in Chicago last year, New Yorkers can enjoy nutty sweets since November 14 in Union Square. Open year-round, the café will serve baked goods like breads, pastries and desserts along with breakfast and frozen treats made with the chocolate hazelnut spread. It will take up some recipes from the Nutella Cafe in Chicago while introducing exclusive New York products such as Piccolino croissants (filled with Nutella) or Banana Bread roasted with Nutella…
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A “Create Your Own” stand will allow customers to choose a “base” (a pancake, waffle, pancake or toast already filled with Nutella) and to customize it with a wide range of fillings and toppings. Nutella goodies are also on sale, such as Nutella Cafe mugs or Nutella jars where the brand name has been replaced by “New York” in the same typeface for an unforgettable gourmet memory.


If you are more of a cereal type, Kellog’s NYC bar will delight you as well with the possibility of creating your own cereal bowls with no less than 30 different toppings. Only a few steps away in Union Square… In both cases, you can visit the stores and other innovative concepts with us during our customized Learning Expeditions. Contact us for more information!

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