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Fifteen years ago, Olivier Lefebvre, founder and director of the group Oliver Store, started a crazy challenge : conquer the blinds market for conservatories ! Following the product success in 1999, the adventure began in a garage in Suresnes (Haut-de-Seine, France)

  Client issue

After its success on the French online blinds market where Stores Discount is the leader, its board of director is now looking towards international expansion and how to enter new markets. On that matter, Stores Discount has required B.D.C.’s expertise to assist them in their worldwide strategy as the German market requires a local approach regarding the specificities of this market compare to France.

  B.D.C. Answer

  • Strategic coaching on prerequisites for the international development of a pure-player
  • Identification of priority markets for Stores Discount
  • Completion of a German market study for the product category
  • Strategic positioning : via direct approach and/or white label
  • Identification of alternative partners with proven expertise
  • Organisation of a Learning Expedition to meet with key players on the German market
  • Approval of the main steps for the project of development on the German market

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