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Petit Bateau is a French fashion brand started in 1893 by Pierre Valton. In 1918, Etienne, Pierre’s son created panties by cutting the legs of the long leggings and replacing the uncomfortable and unhygienic wool by washable white cotton. The trademark was registered in 1920 and was bought by Yves Rocher Group in 1988. In 2006, Petit Bateau launched its online store, which represents now more than 10% of its turnover. Today, the brand has more than 400 branded stores, 4300 outlets in 80 countries and generates more than 300 million turnover (2015).

  Client’s issue

Petit Bateau is considering developing a new boutique concept in order to improve shopping experience, meet new customers expectations and keep its status of leading premium fashion brand for children and adults. Although the future concept will be realised by a design agency, it is absolutely crucial for the management to clearly mark the outlines of this future omnicanal customer experience while relying on its brand’s DNA.

  B.D.C.’s answer

  • Overview of the customer journey offered by the brand
  • Competitive study on ”ghost” visits
  • Panorama of the most innovative concepts in France and abroad
  • Design of a protocol for workshop animation using the “co-design” method
  • Animation of a co-design day (including internal contacts, loyal customers and ambassadors)
  • Support of Petit Bateau to prioritize ideas and integrate them into a roadmap

 Thanks to the support of B.D.C., we were able to project more precisely the future customer experience that Petit Bateau will offer in its new concept of stores. The quality of the benchmark realised and the protocol for animation allowed us to generate a large number of ideas that will nourish effectively our project. We were able to confirm the strength of the co-design method used for the occasion. 

Christel HENNION, Digital & CRM Director
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