Learning Expedition


Business Trip New York City BDC 300x167 - Learning Expedition NYC


Because the City that never sleeps is also the world epicenter of retail and consumer goods, it is a must-see travel destination for any retailer wanting to source latest trends, foster rapid innovation and strengthen leadership.


October 1st, NYC. B.D.C. planned and organized a one-day event at the heart of the Silicon Alley and most flourishing retail destination.

The goal was to allow more than 60 attendees to meet key players and disruptors of their industry, share and discuss their vision with entrepreneurs, source latest trends and innovations and acquire assets to boost digital culture within their teams.


B.D.C. has designed a full customized program in order to help decision-makers in their digital transformation. This unique program included conferences, encounters and a retail tour / workshop.

Among the attendees, leading French retailers, a private fund and French entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet a unicorn – testifying about its success story – as well as a tech giant – talking about new and future technologies that impact the whole retail industry: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) including deep learning and machine learning…

A bunch of immersive experiences to embrace and lead the change of the retail industry in the EU.


Just like them, do not wait: Explore most innovative digital ecosystems and be a game changer.