NRF 2016 trends (3/4): Clienteling and enhancement of the POS (Point of Sale)

Sellers now have access to lots of digital devices in stores and the balance of power between the seller and the customer is being re-equilibrated. Besides customer analytics and information, the seller can also get access to a wide range of content regarding the product information.

Point of sales can now be mobile, creating a strong proximity between the seller and his customer. Self check-outs are more and more used. Macy’s has invested significantly to upgrade and digitize POS systems so that customer orders made in-store, online, or through mobile can be easily tracked. Clienteling, has made the point of sale a real experience, and not only a transaction, thanks to data and technology.

The other trends:

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The rise of Augmented Reality : “Seeing is believing”(4/4)


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