Leveraging networks: Introducing decision-makers to C-level executives, the bet of collective intelligence to boost competitiveness.

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Leveraging networks: Introducing decision-makers to C-level executives, the bet of collective intelligence to boost competitiveness.

At B.D.C. we’re expert in two major verticals which are technology and retail. We serve clients worldwide – in the US, Europe, Asia, Central and South Americas – with a deep understanding of business environnements and specificities as well as a relentless customer focus.

Thanks to a strong experience in Digital Retail, we have been delivering results and building a solid track record while working with senior business and technology executives at leading Fortune 500 firms and multinationals over the past ten years. These companies include Walmart Labs, Lowe’s, Mark & Spencer in the United States ; Rocher, Casino and Mulliez Groups & Galaxy (in France), John Lewis, Ocado Group, Argos and MADE.com (in the UK), to name a few. And among technology leaders, we rely on established and trustworthy relationships with Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe as well as with Retail Tech unicorns like Yext or latest fastgrowing AI-powered startups.

Our secret sauce? At B.D.C., we shorten the sales cycle and do the legwork so you could save time and focus on your core business. We get you in front of the right prospect(s) and decision maker(s) at the right time. Beyond qualified introductions, we handle all aspects of meeting management: fine-tuning messaging, marketing tools and processes optimization, sales strategy and value proposition, meeting preparation, debriefing and key learnings.

What we do:

  • Because alliances strenghten your business and, when led properly, act as a multiplying force, we assess and analyze partnerships opportunities in-market.
  • Sales strategy, coaching and go-to-market: We help you determine your core target(s) and market(s).
  • Messaging fine-tuning: We turn your sales messaging into an actionnable asset to better convert and scale.
  • Pipeline generation : We connect you to the right audience(s), from the first contact and meeting setup to the deal closure if needed.
  • Coaching: Either on leads or live deals, from behind the scenes or customer-facing.
  • Learning expedition meetings

Whether you want to explore and build parterships and alliances with key players of the retail industry or innovation scene, to unlock new market potential and new business opportunities or to meet your peers, open your mind and better brainstorm while unveiling new business model, new services and new growth strategies, we help you identify and meet the right decision maker(s) at the right time. As well as leverage the encounter into key actionable insights to drive innovation and boost your competitiveness.

Because two heads are better than one, and within a context of shifting markets and industries and technology acceleration, we believe in the bet of collective intelligence to boost competitiveness, foster rapid innovation and drive long-term value.