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Latest news, analysis and data on online & offline retail

Google launches Shoploop, a new e-commerce and retail platform

Google, through its experimental division Area 120, has launched a mobile application to enter the game of social commerce and retail. Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are its competitors. The principle is to bring together content from influencers, brand sponsors, to promote the products of the retailers. The video clips will be limited to 90 seconds. This will allow you to focus on the most important aspects of a product as if you were attending an in-store demonstration

This new platform will initially focus on the field of beauty and well-being. Indeed, this market is the most advanced in the field of social commerce, with a large number of YouTubers who are experts in the sector. The objective is to simplify the customer journey of a user. No need to search social networks, consult reviews on a youtube video or search for specialized sites: everything is gathered in one place. 

However, apart from the ambitious project, Shoploop will need to generate enough commitment to make the project truly functional. Thus, Shoploop is currently only available in certain countries. Google also plans to make a desktop version available in the future.   

Walmart and delivery platform Instacart join forces

The American retail giant Walmart reinforces its intention to develop its delivery offer. The challenge is to facilitate the last mile in the delivery of an order. Indeed, with the Covid-19 crisis, consumer demand for this type of service has exploded. Walmart thus hopes to be able to counter Amazon and its chain of store WholeFoods which is currently the leader in this retail market.

 The offer will initially concern 4 pilot cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Tulsa. Users of the Instacart application will therefore be able to directly order their products on the application. It will also be possible to have alcohol or even electronic devices delivered.

The market for online order delivery in the United States is raging. Amazon lost market share slightly during the Covid-19 period. Target and especially Walmart took advantage of this to expand and capture new consumers. This new partnership between Walmart and Instacart seems to indicate the new delivery strategy of the American retail group. 

Zoom on Adyen, the innovative electronic payment solution

The Dutch company Adyen is a payment solution created in 2006, which has grown strongly in recent years. The group offers payment services online, on mobile phones and directly in stores. Many large companies such as Facebook, Uber and Spotify are already customers of the Dutch company.

Transaction volumes on the platform have risen and supported this development. Indeed, the company’s net profit in 2019 was more than 200 million euros. Furthermore, it is driven by a growth that CFO Ingo Uytdehaage describes as “sustainable and profitable”. The company has also significantly increased its workforce, and now has nearly 1,200 employees.

The ex-Unicorn thus wishes to continue its development, particularly in Asia. A partnership with Alipay, the Chinese giant, has been concluded. This alliance is a strategic choice for Adyen, which wants to develop mobile and in-store payments. The group continues its expansion and also wishes to focus on the Japanese, Indian and Latin American markets. Adyen benefits from a very strong valuation and markets will watch closely its growth.

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