France: a key market for AI investments and AI start-ups

Trends News 8 - France: a key market for AI investments and AI start-ups

France: a key market for AI investments and AI start-ups

With 270 start-ups dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more than €278 millions raised, France is the second European destination for AI investments (behind the UK and in front Germany with €187 millions or Belgium with €110 millions invested). According to Accenture, AI should increase France’s productivity up to 20% by 2035, contributing to an overall GDP growth of 2,9%. B.D.C. decided to highlight three outstanding French AI start-ups, which create some of the finest AI algorithms today.



Chronocam was founded in 2014 and by an international group of experienced entrepreneurs and outstanding researchers in computer vision. Chronocam develops a new innovative computer vision system inspired by biological eyes functionalities, acquiring and processing the visual information in an extremely performing and highly efficient way (as described in the video below). The company is currently discussing potential partnerships with Renault-Nissan, Thales, or Sagem. Microsoft or even Huawei also showed high interest in this technology.



Founded in 2011 by Jean-Michel Cambot, Tellmeplus offers predictive data analysis to retailers and e-tailers. This is a platform with predictive profiling, providing customised information to the user at the right place and the right time. They link in relevant way advertisers and qualified users using a predictive profiling engine, while respecting the user’s privacy. They received the award for B2C Innovation 2017 during the Big Data show in Paris and raised €4,2 millions in February 2016.


Vekia is a company’s software platform that enables retailers to control all of their supply chains. Users can manage inventory, move merchandise collections, manage supply times, forecast supply needs and support purchasing departments. Founded in 2008, Vekia has one of the most performing supply solutions worldwide and has been listed for the second time as a representative vendor by the Gartner (in the Gartner Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions). To learn more about Vekia and its AI-based technology, read our interview of Manuel Davy – Executive President and founder of Vekia.

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