Discover the Click to Community® with Howtank!

logo 1 - Discover the Click to Community® with Howtank!

Have you heard about Howtank? If not, it should not be long now! Howtank is the inventor and leader of an innovative concept: the Click to Community®, the first community chat.

An existing customer’s opinion is the number one factor in the buyer’s purchasing decision. That’s why Howtank provides a totally new generation of C-to-C communication solution, going far beyond any traditional live chat system. Customers who have questions can ask customers who know directly through a widget integrated on the web pages.

A genuine real-time conversation is initiated between them and new clients are reassured by other clients who have been in the same situation in the past. These experienced members of the brand join a real-time social network, where they can meet, share their experience and interact with the brand’s team but also with the visitors through the chat.

Howtank was created in 2012 by Steven Harel, Emeric Teil and Sébastien Foret with the objective to create the highest interactivity possible between brands, communities and clients.  An in-house dedicated team supports Howtank’s clients in the deployment of the solution, capitalising on their 3-year experience of Click to Community ® and making sure that visitors, communities and partner web sites reach their goals. The solution is multi-device – Desktop, Mobile and Mobile App – and easy to implement.

Existing customers, such as BlaBlaCar, L’Occitane, or PriceMinister (Rakuten Group) all recommend the experience and the company raised £1.5 million in July 2015 to boost its international expansion.

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