Edito: Consulting and digital acceleration, what we have learned

Trends News 7 - Edito: Consulting and digital acceleration, what we have learned

Edito: Consulting and digital acceleration, what we have learned

Since its creation in 2009, B.D.C. has always focused on creating value for its clients: retailers, pure-players and/or startups. What we have learned from our years in retail and E-commerce, here is a short illustration.


For each project we want to deliver the most tangible results as well as ROI. Some of our recommendations, strategic workshops or coaching classes lead to an ROI between 10% or 100%. In many cases, we are very proud for our clients to see immediate and effective impact on their businesses. I do remember a coaching session with the Marketing Director regarding the company’s trafic budget allocation that has leaded to a € 10k gain on the annual prediction, representing then an ROI of more than 20%.


An alliance between pure-players & retailers : a missed opportunity

We sometimes contact spontaneously our clients when we identify an opportunity for growth or profitability. A few months ago, we advised a large food retailer to take a significant stake in the leading online UK food retailer Ocado (20%) and to pre-empt the technology developed by this leader in the grocery industry. It didn’t react and Monoprix has been the successful bidder, securing a promising future in the field of competitive delivery. Since then, Ocado’s shares have significantly increased (x5), after its strategic deal with retail US giant Kröger that got 5% stake in the company and equipped 20 sites with Ocado technology. The key learning of this experience has been how crucial it is for retailers to be agile and fast-reacting regarding the market. 


What key learnings for B.D.C. and the retail industry?

  • There are two categories of leaders. First, those who remain stuck in the past and not change the way they work and integrate softwares. Some of them still think that IT budget is not more than a necessary burden and not cretaing added value to their business. Secondly, visionary leaders that understand that retail is experiencing a revolution with an unprecedented intensity in its history. They understood that true win-win alliances with digital giant retailers can become key leverages for their digital transformation.
  • We are not consultants anymore but external advisors to companies. This role enables us to install a relationship based on trust and communication.
  • We must value better the ROI we bring to our clients. The follow-up of each project is crucial to ensure the successful implementation and the right achievements of customers objectives.

So we can assist you by:

  1. Identifying relevant innovations to your brand: AI, VR, Bot, payment technologies…
  2. Rethinking your customer journey thanks to co-design workshops and make your team more comfortable with omnichannel.
  3. Knowing better your competitors with a benchmark.
  4. Exploring new opportunities abroad through market researches.


Our consultants are experts on many markets (FR, UK, US, Benelux, Germany, Spain, LATAM and China etc.) and industries (cosmetics, luxury, consumer electronics, fashion, food, DIY etc.). They can assist you in your digital acceleration and development abroad. Feel free to get in touch with them!


France, US, Chine: jerome@bdc-retail.com

LATAM, UK & US: fabien@bdc-retail.com

France, Benelux & Germany: matthieu@bdc-retail.com

UK & France: anne@bdc-retail.com

UK: annedj@bdc-retail.com




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