B.D.C. is opening a new office in New York

BDC US to open a new office in New York

B.D.C. is opening a new office in New York

B.D.C. (Business Development Consultants),

Consulting firm specialized in strategy and business development
in the retail industry

to open its U.S. office in September 2017

Created in 2009 by Jérôme Gayet in Lille (the French Retail Valley), B.D.C. provides strategy consulting and digital transformation services to retailers and also advizes start-up in their business development strategy. The main clients of the company are international retailers like Adeo, Cultura, HappyChic, Petit Bateau, Yves Rocher and also a few well-known start-ups such as Content Square, Instaply and Vekia.

In 2014, B.D.C. has opened its first international office in London, the E-commerce capital of the E.U. Regarding the success of this opening (which currently represents 25% of its activities), the company aims at boosting its international development strategy by establishing a team in New York from September 2017.

This strategic plan relies on several reasons:

  • Invest the 1st retail market worldwide, encouraged by its clients, both retailers and start-ups;
  • Identify at the early stage the retail & digital evolutions influencing clients in the short, middle and long run;
  • Enter a precursory digital ecosystem at the heart of the « city that never sleeps ».

« Being a human-sized consulting firm does not mean that we do not have big expectations and that we can’t work on stimulating projects. We are convinced that our proximity to our clients combined with the agility and expertise of the B.D.C. collaborators significantly contribute to the success of our consulting projects », says Jérôme Gayet, B.D.C. CEO and President.

This opening across the Atlantic enables to offer clients a wide range of services: business intelligence, digital transformation services, due diligence, market research, benchmarks, learning expeditions, digital coaching and business development throughout the North American territory.


Jérôme Gayet, CEO and Founder of B.D.C.: jerome@bdc-retail.com